1. Find meaningful connections both in Switzerland and internationally!

2. Join a unique community that has been helping entrepreneurs for over 9 years!

3. Develop spiritually among people for whom Catholic values are important.

Do you want to increase your company's revenues by 58%?

NEXT MEETING: March 20 | 7:00 PM

Business Association provide a stable business development to all of their active members.

Business Association give me a lot of support for my personal growth and for the development of my business. Thanks to that I am convinced that the quality of my work has improved.

Business Association give me more energy to be active, care for my personal growth and inspire me to look for new products and business solutions.

Business Association serve as a tool for me to realise my daily mission: earn money to help others.

Who we are?

Business Assiociation organizes networking meetings for businessmen who share catholic values. At the moment we are associate over 400 members all over Poland. We are also expanding on Lithuania, Ukraine, Italy and other European countries.

We believe profit is not the only common denominator of shrewd businessmen. We aim at connecting people in business from different countries, cities and towns to provide a community of support and shared universal values to instill trust and establish relationships stimulating business, professional and personal growth.

Our goal

Next meeting

March 20




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89 EUR


Weisser Wind,

Oberdorfstrasse 20, Zürich

7:00 pm - 9 pm




19:00 - Welcome & Introductions

19:15 - Spiritual Reading

19:20 - Dinner Buffet

19:30 - Keynote Speech

19:55 - Q&A

20:00 - Thank-yous

20:10 - Elevator Speeches & Recommendations

20:40 - 1:1 meeting arrangements

20:45 - Announcements and AOB

20:50 - Closing remarks

20:55 - Networking

Special guest: Artur Kaźmierczak - Co-managing Partner at Mzuri Group, CEO at Mzuri CFI companies – the largest Polish private residential real estate investment vehicles, non-executive director at Mzuri – the largest residential property manager in Poland with ca. 4500 apartments under management, of which ca. ¼ has been acquired with assistance of Mzuri Investments. Owner of a portfolio of rental apartments.

Prior to joining Mzuri Group Artur was a Partner at PwC, where he worked since 2009.Before that he worked for Deloitte and Arthur Andersen. Artur graduated from the University of Łódź, he also studied at Limburg University at Maastricht, Netherlands. Artur also serves as a non executive director at Warsaw Stock Exchange (New Connect) listed KBJ SA.

Artur is a husband and father to a daughter. Avid angler and traveler. Aficionado of mountaineering literature, he does not climb himself since he became a father.

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Jakub Niebrzydowski

President of Zurich Business Association

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Business Association

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